Therapy for Couples

There are many reasons that couples seek counseling together. You do not have to be married for this to be beneficial. Many couples have rough patches that seem to have no end in sight. The good news is, if you’re willing to put in the work, help is available to save your marriage. We offer effective relational, premarital, and marriage counseling in-person and online in North Carolina.

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Relationship Counseling

Are you in a relationship that is experiencing difficulties? Do you want help figuring out a better way forward, or if you should move forward? Coming to counseling early in a relationship can help lay a clear roadmap for the future. It is healthy to invite a counselor to give perspective and help in discerning how and if to continue.

Pre-Marital Counseling

Are you excited about your big day? Well, we are excited about all the days that follow it. We want to help you establish a firm foundation for the commitment you are making. Pre-marital counseling is essential in helping identify areas of conflict, differences in values, and potential issues with extended families and friends. We are PREPARE certified and will offer tools and assessments to help you grow in learning each other so that your marriage can start in unity together.

Marital Counseling

Are you struggling in your marriage? Do you feel like you and your partner are disconnected? We want to help you learn to connect again. There are different seasons to marriage. We will help you weather whatever season you are in, and find shelter together. We offer effective marriage counseling. There are many reasons why marriages become rocky and lose the feeling of joy they once brought. Let us help you in figuring out how you got where you are and then equip you with the tools to move forward to a better place. Maybe you and your partner are doing great, but you want what we call a tune-up. Many couples come when they are not in a hard place as a way of maintaining the health of their marriage. Periodic counseling both personally and as a couple can enhance the joy you already have as well as sharpen you in ways that continue to help you grow.

Our Approach

In couples counseling, our counselors take a more direct and straightforward approach. We ask hard questions, require active engagement, and expect receptive hearts and minds. Our practitioners provide a space in which we will understand your story and experience, and then get down to business. Together, we will learn:
  • Communication skills — each person experiences and perceives life differently
  • Relationship styles to get you out of bad habits
  • Respect for your partner and their needs
  • Building Trust
  • The value and place for emotions
  • How forgiveness should work in a relationship