Therapy for children and teenagers

Many parents struggle to understand their child’s behavior. This misunderstanding can lead to frustration and exasperation in parenting. Sometimes, it can be hard for younger children to express themselves in a way that accurately reflects their feelings, and older children may opt out of sharing their feelings altogether.

We want to help you parent the heart of your child, not just their behaviors. We want to help your child share their hearts, not just act out their feelings in unproductive ways. We use a combination of creative therapies to help your child express what is going on.

Children below the age of 12 work and speak through play so fostering a safe place to play and work out these big emotions is key in helping the child grow in the ability to make good choices.

It is expected that parents will be involved in the process of counseling and will be asked into session from time to time.

Approaches Used

  • Play Therapy
  • Sand Tray
  • Art
  • Family Therapy

Does my child need therapy?

Some indicators that your child may need counseling:

  • Frequent tantrums
  • Difficulty transitioning
  • Can’t take no for an answer
  • Sneaky behavior
  • Separation anxiety
  • Sullen mood more frequently
  • Loss of interest in friends or activities

What To Expect In Therapy

Our first meeting will be with the parents or guardians to hear the history of the child. For children aged 12+, the first meeting may also include the child if it is appropriate. Depending on your situation, parents may continue in therapy periodically with the child.

If your child is a foster care child, this initial session will just be with the foster parent to get an understanding of the background and goals for the child. If parents are separated or divorced, we require consent from both parents and want them equally involved in the child’s time with us. We create a warm, safe environment for children and teens to express their emotions and work towards living a happier, healthier life.