What therapy from a Christian worldview can offer

Finding a therapist who shares similar worldviews and beliefs of faith can help you progress quicker through therapy. 

Christian counseling helps you work through your challenges using proven psychological principles, and a Biblical approach to healing.

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If you’re struggling with depression or anxiety, family or relationship issues, difficulty with anger management issues, risky behaviors, or trauma (including effects from sexual abuse, violence, or difficult childhood experiences), we’re here to tell you that your awareness is the first step toward hope and healing. 

We are passionate about helping people find resources and skills to move them further along in their journey.  We are equipped to also help you see your faith as a fundamental resource in providing the healing you desire.  

If I am a Christian, then shouldn’t I have it all figured out?

Absolutely not. 

Being a Christian means you believe you have a relationship with the God who can provide that healing and sometimes it is helpful to have a trained professional along to help guide the way, not feel alone, and remind you of truth.

Finding a therapist who really understands you is a critical part of your healing journey

Anxiety, anger management issues, guilt from choices or decisions that you’ve made, trauma, and couples problems often come with layers of complexity and struggles that are not comfortable to discuss openly. It’s hard enough having to struggle with your own issues, let alone opening up about your most vulnerable struggles to just anyone. Let’s face it: if they weren’t a struggle for you, you wouldn’t need to ask for help. So the fact that you’re reaching out for help already takes tremendous courage. That’s why it’s so important that you find a therapist who understands you and shares your values.

You need to feel safe that the person you’re reaching out to understands where you’re coming from, and can offer you a safe space where you feel supported to work through difficult challenges and help you make the changes you need in your life from a place of compassion, not judgment. When your therapist shares your values and understands where you’re coming from it’s easier to feel comfortable sharing your struggles.

Unless you do something proactive to address your challenges, they probably aren’t going to disappear on their own. As scary as it is to reach out, it’s also a critical first step to making the change you want to see in your life.

Access the timeless wisdom of the Bible to aid your healing

When you finally decide to search for a solution to your problems, you can easily be overwhelmed with conflicting messages about different healing modalities that each claim to be the ultimate solution you’ve been seeking. And many of them actually have a lot of value. But unless you do the spiritual work, they might provide only superficial relief. You want to go beyond the short-term to gain sustained healing.

A Christian therapist can help you see that your struggles are not just a superficial inconvenience that you need to alleviate, but possibly an important component of a bigger spiritual picture that you need to work on as part of your life’s journey. 

The wisdom contained in the Bible is eternal. Being able to access the wisdom contained in the Bible to guide your healing enables you to reach deeper, and more authentic healing than you’re able to on your own.

God gives the healer the power to heal

If you have a relationship with God, you already know that God is the true source of all healing. He creates different techniques that can be highly effective treatments to heal different ailments.  Christian therapists have been trained in these techniques as well as have knowledge of the Bible.

Every day that you wake up is another opportunity for growth and renewal. It’s also a day full of potential to heal from past hurt and dysfunction, and has within it the opportunity to step towards a healthier future. You CAN heal your emotional pain and learn skills to help you live a healthier and happier life.  Deepening your understanding of yourself, opens up to a deeper understanding of God and can help you gain eternal perspective.